Our Mission Statemnet

Our mission is to provide teaching of self- awareness and empowerment to today’s young ladies and to enhance the focus of living as a virtuous young woman. We will grant youths ages 8-18 with opportunities to encounter new experiences through a focused character
building curriculum.

Inner Beauty Progam Mantra

Inner Beauty Mantra

We are the Inner Beauty Queens,
Our Mission is to show INTEGRITY, COMPASSION and PRIDE
By all means……
Our goals are to be respectful, non-judgmental,
with a positive attitude
As we thirst for more knowledge in our lives
as we walk through the valleys,
We will strive to keep our sister’s secrets confidentially
entrusted at all times
Being at Inner Beauty has taught me commitment, manners and honor
While learning to be the BEST, VIRTUOUS WOMAN I CAN BE.

written by EVELYN DAVIS © 2015