National Standards for Mentoring

STANDARD 1: LEADERSHIP Engage leaders who foster commitment to a shared vision, and ensure continuity through succession planning

STANDARD 2: TALENT Recruit and retain volunteers and paid staff with the commitment and skills to accomplish the mission.

STANDARD 3: PERFORMANCE CULTURE Internally balance cultivation, competence, and collaboration to provide a clear context for delivering quality programming.

STANDARD 4: MENTOR/MENTEE MATCH Match mentors and mentees along dimensions likely to create enduring and impactful relationships.

STANDARD 5: PROGRAM SERVICE Implement the program model with fidelity to deliver high impact mentoring that addresses the needs of the youth population.

STANDARD 6: PROGRAM MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS Ensure a well-managed program with strong, every day operations.

STANDARD 7: PROGRAM EVALUATION Drive continuous improvement to ensure program quality and effectiveness, and report outcomes.